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Machine Learning Big Data Statistics

Data is everywhere now.  You can find out a lot about your customers, your industry, your competitors, and the environment you are operating in.  You just need to process and understand it.

Are you utilizing all of the free data that is available and relevant to your business?  Do you even know what is available?

Are you making pretty charts but not making any decisions based off of those charts?

Do you have a feedback loop on your decisions making processes to improve your decisions?

Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence are all just new spins on an old field:  Statistics and data representation.

Let us build you a system that can generate models for your specific business needs, grow with the information you have available to you, and most importantly...Makes sense for the type of business you have.

We work with fortune 100 companies to develop models for regression, predictive analysis, custering, and categorization utilizing a variety of AI and machine learning techniques.  We specialize in FCNN4R systems.

Examples of projects we have done in the past:

  • Stock portfolio managment utilizing daily time series stock data
  • E-commerce product recomender systems
  • Energy industry customer clustering classification