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Drupal vs. WordPress - Comparing CMS Software

We utilize Drupal for most of our client websites, but I know there are a lot of web consultants out there who utilize Wordpress.  For a good comparison and explanation between Wordpress and Drupal, read on.  Content managment systems are the most important part of a website and can limit how your site grows as well as how it functions.

Content management systems are a vital part of any webmaster’s daily job.  They make easier the entire process of managing and operating a site through a central user-friendly interface. Prior of content management systems, webmasters needed to have adequate knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS for them to manually create, organize or upload different web pages.

Luckily, with the arrival of WordPress, Drupal and other content managment systems, webmasters are now able to create and manage amazing websites with little to no web development experience. These content management systems have the largest market share, but which one of them is best for you?

WordPress CMS Software

As far as popularity concerns, WordPress is without any doubt way above its competitors. Initially designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has changed into a highly useful content management system over several years. One of the main advantages of WordPress is the large number of plugins released by independent developers. In fact, every aspect regarding the creation, organization and search engine optimization of a site can now be handled with the use of WordPress plugins that are easily installed to the core system.

With numerous WordPress plugins available and many other being released daily, it is understandable why WordPress is the favorite of the public. It can be rather difficult to identify the proper plugin to simplify a particular task. Luckily there is a large WordPress community ready to offer advice on the plugin to use and also on how to properly use the WordPress content management system.

Drupal CMS Software

Drupal is an advanced content management system providing the user with full control over the development of a website. Drupal is specially designed for web developers and not bloggers. Drupal is considered more of a development platform rather than a standard CMS. Despite the fact that Drupal is not very user-friendly, it is great for professional web developers requiring complete control over scripting sophisticated website design. Among the main advantages of Drupal is the huge user community filled with professional web developers sharing tips and advice on how to efficiently use Drupal. Properly used, Drupal is able to create the best possible websites online and because of its superior capabilities there are extremely few limitations.  It can be utilized to provide a front end for any type of application, from payroll systems, inventory systems, customer relationship managagement, and even social media communities.

Which is better, WordPress or Drupal?

Although both content management systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, WordPress is generally considered the perfect choice for beginner webmasters. Advanced web developers should consider Drupal because it offers superior flexibility and control. Many webmasters use both types of systems depending upon their needs. The limitations of both Drupal and WordPress depend only on the experience and resources of the user. Using proper plugins, WordPress can be a very extendible system, but a good developer using Drupal can create a superior system that would be unmanagable via a standard wordpress installation.  The final decision should be made based on the specific needs and experience level of the webmaster.


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Drupal vs WordPress - Comparing CMS Software