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Sentio Search

Size: Startup
Industry: Self help
Service provided by SLI: Startup consultation, new site


Sentio Search is a website that helps people make better decisions and achieve greater happiness in life. Sentio Search improves decision making by employing a new method of choice called surrogation that is based on the actual experiences of others. Visitors are able to use the decision experiences of other users, and the outcome of those decisions, to guide their own similar decisions.


Sentio’s founders needed a way to create a fully functional web platform to utilize their novel idea for matching users and sharing decision advice. In addition to the technical challenges, work was needed to refine the raw idea into a sustainable business model.

Why Saint Louis Integration?

Previous partnerships, mostly with overseas providers, had failed to bear fruit for Sentio, and had resulted in blown out budgets and timelines. Saint Louis Integration was better able to understand the concept and desired outcomes, and has a proven track record for getting innovative projects over the line.


The key to monetizing Sentio’s idea was to create something truly proprietary -- not just a website, but a unique platform. Our specialists created a software solution that brings Sentio’s brilliant idea to life, matching similar users and anonymously sharing advice through the cumulative experiences of the entire Sentio community. This is the engine that powers the site, and is also a valuable IP asset for the Sentio. Connecting this sophisticated software with the user is a simple, elegant interface running on the SLI Platform, ensuring that each visitor’s experience is smooth and rewarding.


Sentio’s vision for a decision sharing community was realized. The project was completed on time, and at 1/3 the cost charged by previous developers. The new site is gaining traction and has caught the attention of business and technology journals.